Malasada Attempt #1

I tried a recipe from a cookbook my sister sent me called Hawaii’s Best Local Desserts.  I let the oil get too hot so the malasadas were very dark and undercooked.  I tried making them smaller, but got the same results.  I placed them on a baking stone and heated them for ten minutes in a 350* oven (the same thing I have to do with my chicken, by the way).  Yes, I own a thermometer.  No, I rarely use it.  The flavor was alright, but the texture was not as light as a Leonard’s malasada.  Well, the good news is I’m not homesick anymore–just sick.

The dog is walking around the living room chuffing through his nose because of the smell and my eyes are burning from the residual smoke in here, but it has all been worth it.  My boy came out and said, “Mom, those were amazing!”Image


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