Things You Shouldn’t Do While Starting a Blog

I am easily distracted; which means I shouldn’t be trying to fry chicken while starting a blog.  Believe it or not, the WalMart in our little town used to make amazing fried chicken, but for some reason they stopped offering it a few months ago.  Curse you, WalMart!  I wouldn’t have to be blanketing my house and everything in it with deep fried chicken smell if you would just fire up your deep fryer!

I also have dough rising on the counter for Malasadas.  This will be my first ever attempt at making these Portuguese donuts.  I am a bit homesick today and the best cure for me is to eat something from “home”.  I grew up eating Malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery on Kapahulu Avenue in sunny Hawaii.  I hope these turn out, otherwise, I’ll be forced to make and eat another batch to figure out what went wrong.  And, yes, these donuts need to be fried also.  We rarely fry anything, but today I’m tempting fate and the smoke detector.

I just had a thought:  I could fry the donuts in the same oil I fried the chicken in.  Some people might like that sweet and savory taste.  Relax, I’m heating up another pan with “clean” oil in it.


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