Sunday: A Day of Rest

Sundays at my home start around 8 o’clock.  After everyone has been fed breakfast, the question, “Are we going to church?” invariably pops up.  Today we decided to go.  We don’t always go.  I like to think of Sunday as a day of rest like many other people in the good ole USA.  However, Sundays are anything but restful for me.

By the time we get home it is past our regular lunch hour of 11 o’clock, and we are all terribly hungry.  My wonderful husband has the forethought to prepare a salad beforehand for himself; which usually means I go hunting for something quick and easy to make for the rest of us.  Today, I made smoked sausage fried rice and served it up with some leftover fried chicken.  The whole cooking process takes about 15 minutes.  While my sous chef scrambled 7 eggs, I heated some oil in my wok and threw in the sliced sausage.  Next, I used about 4 cups of leftover rice.  I season the whole pan with a little onion powder and lots of black pepper.  I found a half bag of frozen vegetable medley in the freezer and threw that in along with some soy sauce.  I stirred frequently until the vegetables were tender which only takes 7 to 8 minutes.  I threw the scrambled eggs on top of everything and gave it a toss.  You can use brown or white rice, and any protein you’d like.  I’ve used shrimp, chicken, or that old Hawaiian favorite:  Spam.  We also had leftover malasadas from last night.  What a feast!  Our pastor’s sermon was on fasting.  Oh, the irony.

While lunch digests, I decided to hop on here and post this recipe.  I am now ready to change out of my church clothes and get busy.  I have bread to bake for the week.  My husband has informed me that we are all out of granola.  And since we’ve eaten last night’s leftovers I need to start prepping for dinner.  I also need to get out to the garden and figure out a gate since the kids broke through the fishing line I had rigged up.  So, you see, Sundays can be just as busy as the rest of my days, except, I have the option of napping before I do anything else.  I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!


1 or 2 cloves of garlic

onion powder or chopped onions(which definitely takes longer)

smoked sausage, chicken, shrimp, bacon, ham, or Spam

leftover cooked rice

scrambled eggs


soy sauce

Heat oil and assemble everything in a wok or a large skillet.  If using chopped onions and garlic, throw them in first with whatever protein you’re using.  This is a great recipe to use up leftovers in the fridge.


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