Baking Dreams

I am currently taking a cake decorating class with my eleven year old daughter. It is loads of fun and I have learned so much, however, this class is seriously messing with baking mojo. I love to bake. I find it relaxing. I find it even more relaxing to sit down with a cup of tea and eat baked goods. I would love to bake something every day, but that is just wasteful because there are only four of us and I’m always supposed to be on a diet. Puh, whatever.

Today I baked a coconut cake and a lemon cake. The lemon cake will have four layers when all is said and done. I’m filling it with lemon curd and then frosting it with the recommended frosting recipe we must use in class. The coconut cake is my daughter’s. She’s filling it with coconut custard! Mmmm. Well, I had to bake these to get some of my mojo back. It’s not easy having to bake cakes and prepare frosting for two people. This week we’ve had two classes, so I found myself really dragging my feet and thinking that all the fun has been sucked out of baking–especially since I should be avoiding flour and sugar.

We ran out of eggs to make the lemon curd and the custard. I just got back from the store, we usually buy fresh organic eggs from a friend, but I didn’t want to risk losing my motivation by having to wait for my hubby to bring those eggs to me.

Well…it’s lost.

I’m lying here on my bed in my darkened room. I’m thinking of all those key limes on the counter that will eventually be Key Lime Pie and limeade. There are peaches in the fridge for peach pie, and apples, too. There’s half of a pound cake on the kitchen table right next to a dozen chocolate cupcakes. I keep thinking, “the last thing I need to be doing is baking more cake.” Well, it’ll be our last class and maybe I can send those cakes with my hubby to work. Until then I will lie here and dream of baking something other than cake.


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