A Thing of Beauty

I’ve had a very busy two weeks. So much so that I haven’t kept up with the housework, yard work, or gardening. I have been feeling generally harassed by life. Today, even though the bathrooms need a good scrubbing and the woods are threatening to retake my yard, I decided to make something.

I am a new quilter. I have two quilts and one table runner under my belt. My daughter needs a bag to tote her stuff to and from ballet, so I decided on this little project. I found the directions on You Tube by a woman named Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Her tutorial made everything so easy. I’ve made a few other bags and have always struggled with comprehending the instructions. I suspect they have Chinese nationals writing all instructions that come with sewing patterns. I think it’s another little way they’ve found to mess with us (ha, call me a conspiracy theorist). This tutorial was pattern free (hooray!) and used up some of my scraps. It took me about four hours and the results amazed me.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. ~ Keats


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