New Years Resolutions Coming Up

First resolution on my list:  buy a new keyboard because the apostrophe and delete keys on this one do not work.  I suppose I risk losing readership because of the resulting poor grammar, but Ive been around the internet and Ive seen worse.

This morning, I decided today would be the day to start shedding a few of these extra pounds Ive carried around since my girl was born. She is twelve. Years. I figure I have a few days to iron out all the kinks before it becomes an official New Years Resolution on the first of January. You know, when you make a resolution or ten and break half of them by lunch. I went ahead and broke my diet by lunch time today when I ate a gingerbread cookie that was bigger than my head–and, yes, my head is preeeeetty large. It snowballed after that.

I borrowed a pressure washer from a friend. With dreams of a sparkly driveway and walkway, and a clean, moss free north facing wall, I decided to tackle this task today. After three hours of starting and restarting, I cleaned exactly five rectangular sections of the front walkway (this is probably one-sixteenth of the concrete on my property). The machine starting leaking gas and oil (oops!), so I put it away. Feeling like a failure, I returned indoors to comfort myself with some Cranberry Noel cookies. After eating two cookies, I remembered that I was supposed to be changing my lifestyle today. Shoot! So I did what any feeling woman would do:  I made it an even half-dozen.

I have many chores that need to be completed today, but I cant seem to get over this mornings pressure washer failure or my broken promise to start eating healthfully. SO I thought Id hop on here to inspire a few of you! If you are anything like me, and I pray youre not, start practicing your resolutions now! I think I should probably get rid of all the baked goods in the house before I expect any kind of success. See, now I can say I accomplished a post today. I am off to get stuff done.

Enjoy your day!



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