Mississippi Mud Cake

I’m going to blame my insatiable sweet tooth on the fact that I started my holiday baking three days before Christmas and I just haven’t had my fill. Tonight I need something chocolate and ooey-gooey–and I need it NOW. Since I have two bunches of bananas that are all spotty, I contemplated baking a banana cake that people were raving about on allrecipes.com. That recipe calls for one HOUR in the oven and an additional FORTY-FIVE minutes in the freezer. What?! Forget it.

I decided on Mississippi Mud Cake. Yes, you have to melt the chocolate with some butter, BUT you can use the same bowl to whisk all the ingredients together. Then you dump it in a jelly roll pan, bake for twenty minutes, sprinkle with a whole package (even I thought this was a little much) of miniature marshmallows, bake for another eight minutes, drizzle with some easy frosting you make in a saucepan on the stove, and then sprinkle with pecans. I’ve made this only once before. It will not merely satisfy your sweet tooth, it will knock it right out of your head. 😉

You can find this Southern Living recipe here. I really do hope this sweet tooth falls out. Enjoy!



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