Tweaking Breakfast

Our go-to breakfast is bacon, egg and cheese English muffins. Since I have vowed to add more vegetables and fruit to our diets, I have decided to upgrade our McMuffin wannabe.  I came across this idea in a Weight Watchers pamphlet: Breakfast Pizzas.  I still need to scramble eggs and cook bacon (turkey), and I still need those muffins.  However, instead of a sandwich these are served open-faced like a little pizza.  Bonus:  because there are two halves its like having TWO tiny pizzas!  The upgrade comes from adding slices of juicy, red tomatoes; and swapping out our Colby Jack slices for shredded mozzarella then popping them under the broiler for a couple of minutes.  When the cheese is melted, or the way I prefer, lightly browned, pull them out and sprinkle with fresh basil.

We now savor our breakfast instead of mindlessly bolting it down and getting on with our day.  I hope you try these. Happy Friday!


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