Happy New Year Resolutions! NOT.

Happy new year to you! Last year I resolved to post something on my blog everyday. I didn’t write it down or even speak it out loud. I thought it in my head. I thought that doing so may help me keep the resolution. Haha, I was so wrong–so, so very wrong. Every year I read articles by “the experts” with tips to help achieve your goals and keep your resolutions. Number 1 is usually “write them down”. I’ve tried all their suggestions to no avail.

I haven’t made any resolutions this year because of my past failure rate. I’m thinking of something like the following list.

1. Eat less than my husband. (I usually do anyway. Is this setting myself up to gain more weight?)

2. Exercise every time I think of it–immediately.

3. Do push ups, jumping jacks, or crunches every time I say I’m too fat–immediately.

4. Eat ONLY the things I want to.

5. Don’t keep friends who are jerks.

6. Chat with my children more. Chat with my introvert hubby more.

7. Turn off the television. (We haven’t had TV in years, but 2014 was the year of Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix. And considering we hadn’t been plugged in for ten years, I had a LOT of catching up to do!)

8. Read more books.

However, I could probably go on and on and never finish the list and because the list would remain unfinished I would always feel like I don’t need to start. Ha. Believe me. I’ve done it many a year past.

My real list is this:

1. Do what you want, but only after you’ve done what you must.

2. Be joyful in all you do.

I wish you a prosperous New Year! Downton Abbey starts up again tonight. I must go. 😉


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