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Gypsy Girl for My Gypsy Girl

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Gypsy Girl for My Gypsy Girl

I finally finished binding this quilt. I bought the fabric last year, or maybe the year before? I pieced it this March and now it’s finally bound! My daughter chose the fabric, the pattern (which she found in A Baker’s Dozen:  13 quilts from jelly rolls, layer cakes, and more), and placed each piece; and I sewed it all together.

Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury Fabric

The fabric is Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury. It literally made my heart ache with it’s beauty–and, also, I regret not purchasing more fabric. I would love to cover my couches and dining room chairs with this fabric. Maybe even make some drapery, or sundresses in every print. Ha!

I woke my daughter up and chased her into the yard with her new quilt, so I could get a photo before we had to run off to vacation Bible school. We were both in our jammies, and while taking the picture we heard our neighbor’s car start up. My girl is a new teenager, and the thought of being seen outside in her jammies by the boys next door drove her to wrap herself in the quilt. I hurriedly snapped the photo and we both darted safely into the house unseen.

IMG_1035What shall I do with myself now? I’m sure I’ll find something! Have a wonderful week!


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