Craft  Room Take Two

A couple years ago, my hubby gave up his man cave so I could have a bigger space for crafting. Yes, it was very gracious of him, and he’s a wonderful guy; but I wouldn’t award him sainthood just yet (that’s another story). I needed the largest room because of all the different tasks I’m responsible for in the home.

I started with a fun paint job. Chevrons went up in one day with leftover paints from past projects (cost me nothing). Then we went to IKEA and bought shelves to add to my collection (cost the Mr. a pretty penny). I chose open shelving because I won’t use products I can’t see, and I hate spending precious minutes looking for an item.

I’ve rearranged the furniture a number of times because it’s what I do. Since setting up this room, I’ve added sewing and embroidery to my crafting repertoire bringing the number of activities enjoyed in this room up to six (seven if you count puppy cuddling). This year I am teaching a Biology Lab, a second year Japanese language class,  a sewing class, and I started a Lego Club. I’m not tooting my own horn; I’m just saying all this activity comes with staging and storage difficulties.

I actually worked a day and a half re-organizing and cleaning this room before taking “before” pictures. Yes, please sympathize with me. One of the biggest problems has turned out to be the open storage. Dusting this room takes too much time with all the different containers and products. The glass containers have the gall to require an occasional washing. Oh, the nerve! And everything is on display to tempt my teenage daughter and her friends into hours of creative bliss which leads to a wonderful mess.

Sorry the pictures are terrible. There is only one window and the pictures were taken on my iPad. That’s my sewing table with the accompanying fabric storage alongside it. The shelf in the back stores most of my paper crafting supplies.

More paper crafting supplies are housed in the shelves along the wall right inside the doorway. Alright, to be perfectly honest, there are probably a hundred magazines taking up a few of those cubbies and unfinished projects.

Yes, we are shamelessly addicted to video games. Currently we have two Wii systems and a new Wii U. The XBoxes are in the attic because only my son plays those games. And, yes, this is also our school room. (All you homeschool mamas cringe now.) There’s no way I could’ve had this set up when they were younger.

And here is our school desk. I love this desk because it allows us to sit across from each other, and keeps our school books and supplies right at hand.

I want to say something cool like, “Here is my command center. It keeps me organized and my home and school running smoothly.” BUT, I’d be lying. I’m currently watching House, M.D., which is what I do here; along with general internet activities. My homeschool job will be over in three and a half years. I won’t lie and say I’m working on my organizational skills. Maybe I’ll change my mind when New Year’s resolution making time comes around. 😜

Okay, since honesty has been a theme this morning, I will tell you that I plan to re-work this room to better fit our needs–okay, my needs–which are:  1) it has to be pretty and 2) it still has to serve all the original functions (school, sewing, crafting, gaming, socializing, yoga). AND, honestly, I’m giving myself three weeks, so it may not get finished until next summer when my “vacation time” will be longer. So, don’t wait with bated breath, but do check back in three weeks for the reveal (or at least an update).

Have a creative day!


It still looks like this! I haven’t been feeling well for the last 5 or 6 months, but I was feeling better today until I decided to come work on this room.

My major problems:

  1. I don’t want to partake in gross consumerism–ha! I actually have no money for consumerism…of any kind.
  2. I bought all of these IKEA bookshelves that are more modern than my taste, so I need to figure out how to soften the room.
  3. I love all the beautiful studios that have everything on display, but I’ve been there and done that. It takes FOREVER to keep everything clean. HOWEVER, I cannot totally conceal all my supplies because I would never use them–been there, done that also.

Is it terrible that I just want to throw everything out and start over?


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