Happy 2019

This lamp has been broken for almost nine years! I still kept it. Why?! It leaned way over, so I set it next to a wall in the living room and left it there. It was broken on one of our many moves. It still worked, but the base was cracked on the bottom and it couldn’t hold the lamp up any more.

This morning I decided to take a closer look at it to see if I could glue it together somehow. (I just discovered the magic of Gorilla Glue.) Instead, I decided to break a bigger hole into the base so I could get my fat, little Hobbit fingers into the hole to see if I could tighten the nut further.

I ended up breaking a hole big enough for my wrench to fit into, so I could firmly tighten the nut–all the while wondering why in the world I waited nine years to even look at it! It worked!

I’m so thankful I didn’t just throw it out. Look how pretty it is!

  • With this new year, I have found renewed health, well being, and energy to complete these little projects. I am thankful for continued healing and the energy and motivation to get stuff done! I’m hoping people join me on my journey, and can be encouraged and inspired. Enjoy your day, and go make something pretty!
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